The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

A Christmas Child

Words: Quand Dieu Naquit ŗ NoŽl (From Sandys)
Quand Dieu Naquit A NoŽl (Contributed by Monelle)
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A French Noel

1. When the Christmas Child was born in a manger lowly,
"Neath the star of Bethlehem sang the angels holy.
Shepherd small and shepherd tall brought their off'rings to the stall.
Let the bells ding, dong.
Ring a birthday song, Loud and strong,
Shepherd, friend and stranger knealt around the manger.

2. From his flock, a lampkin pure chose a shepherd brother,
And a bowl of whitest milk humbly served another.
While the last one gave instead, freshly baked, a loaf of bread.
Let the bells ding, dong,
Ring a birthday song, Loud and strong,
For a kingly brother and a maiden mother.

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