The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

A Carol Of Christmas At Bethlehem

Words: Louis F. Benson, December 4, 1921

Music: Rev. Calvin W. Laufer, Bethlehem Road, February 1925
Meter: 87 87 87
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Source: Louis F. Benson, Hymns Original And Translated (Philadelphia: The Plimpton Press, 1925)

(The Narrator)

1. A King might miss the guiding star,
    A Wise Man's foot might stumble;
For Bethlehem is very far
    From all except the humble.

(Chorus of Children)

'Tis Christmas Day! 'Tis Christmas Day!
    And Christmas hearts are humble.

2. Some pilgrims seek a hallowed shrine;
    Some soldiers march to danger;
Some travellers seek an inn its sign,
    "The Baby in a Manger."

When Christ was born on Christmas morn,
    They laid Him in a manger.

3. There is no palace in that place,
    Nor any seat of learning,
No hill-top vision of God's face
    No alter candles burning.

O come and see our Christmas tree
    And Christmas candles burning.

4. But he who gets to Bethlehem
    Shall hear the oxen lowing;
And, if he humble kneel with them,
    May catch far trumpets blowing:

From far away, on Christmas Day,
    May hear God's trumpets blowing.

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