The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

A Boy Was Born in Bethlehem

For Christmas

Words: Catherine Baird (1895-1984)

Tune: Alstone, LM

A boy was born in Bethlehem
With tiny hands and downy head;
The shepherds came to worship him
Asleep within a manger bed.

A boy grew up in Nazareth,
A sturdy lad and full of grace;
He laughed and ran and studied too,
And God smiled through his glowing face.

A young man walked by Galilee,
He talked about a Kingdom fair
Where love alone can reign and rule,
And God was speaking through him there.

On Calvary a young man died,
In sorrow bowed beneath the skies
He grieved for every child of man
While love beamed through his suffering eyes.

On Easter morning Jesus came
To hail the friends who mourned him dead;
And lo, with bright, unclouded eyes,
They looked upon their living head.

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