The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

A Baby in the Cradle

Words and Music: Ein Kindlein in der Wiegen, David Gregor Corner (1585-1648), Geistliche Nachtigal, Vienna, Austria, 1649
Translator: Unknown

1. A baby in the cradle
A baby child so bright;
He shineth as a mirror
Reflects a noble light
This tiny child so bright

2. The child of whom we're speaking
Is Jesus Christ the Lord
He brings us peace and brotherhood
If we but heed His word
Doth Jesus Christ, the Lord

3. And he who rocks the cradle
Of this sweet Child so fine
Must serve with joy and heartiness
Be humble and be kind
For Mary's child so fine

4. O Jesus, dearest Savior
Although Thou art so small
With Thy great love o'erflowing
Come flooding through my soul
Thou lovely Babe so small


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