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Dutch Saint Nicholas Songs Translated into English

Dutch Saint Nicholas Songs Translated into English

Translated by Ruben 't Lam.

Editor's Note: In September, 2013, I received an email from Ruben 't Lam, who had written fresh translations to several Dutch St. Nicholas songs. At his blog site, he explained why he wanted to do so:

The Dutch celebrate Saint Nicholas' Eve at December 5. Some years ago I was looking for a translation of a traditional Dutch Saint Nicholas song, to share with North American colleagues. For most songs I could not find a satisfactory translation. Available translations made poor English, didn't rhyme, could not be sung, lacked the right atmosphere or were inaccurate. I decided to translate a few songs myself. To assist in singing, I have included sound samples from Jan Wolters' Free Saint Nicholas Songs with each translation. ... [see: Jan Wolters Bladmuziek, Gratis Sinterklaasliedjes (Free St. Nicholas Songs)]

If you have questions or comments, you may leave me a message, mail me at or contact me through my page at LinkedIn. [see About Ruben 't Lam]

Copyright 2013 by Ruben 't Lam, all rights reserved.
The translated texts in this blog may be freely shared among individuals,
but may not be republished in any medium without my express written consent.

This is an excerpt; for the full text, see Justification.

The Sinterklaas Song Translations by Ruben 't Lam

Saint Nicholas Dear Holy Man
Sinterklaas Goedheilig Man (Sancte Claus goed heylig Man!)

The Wind Keeps Blowing
Hoor de wind waait

The Steamer (The Steamer is coming)
De Stoomboot (Zie ginds komt de stoomboot,)

Someone Is Coming
Hoor wie stapt daar

High and Gloomy Roof Tops
Hoge, hoge daken

Music excerpts are from Jan Wolters Bladmuziek, Gratis Sinterklaasliedjes (Free St. Nicholas Songs). Includes Midi and PDF Scores for 58 Sinterklass songs. In Dutch. Jan has also shared a large number of other songs in genres such as Jazz, European Folk, American Folk, and several others. There are links (left side of the page).

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