The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Trei Păstori

Romanian Traditional Carol

English Translation: Three Shepherds

Translation provided by Cristian Mocanu, a member of Christmas International

A performance of this carol in Romanian by the Madrigal Choir can be found at Colinde Romanesti de Craciun

1. Trei păstori se īntālniră (bis)
Raza soarelui, floarea soarelui.
Şi aşa se sfătuiră.

2. Haideţi, fraţilor,să mergem (bis)
Raza soarelui, floarea soarelui.
Floricele să culegem.

3. Şi să facem o cunună (bis)
Raza soarelui, floarea soarelui.
S-o-mpletim cu voie bună.

4. Şi s-o ducem lui Cristos (bis)
Raza soarelui, floarea soarelui.
Să ne fie de folos.

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Cristian included this note concerning the three carols that he emailed:

All 3 of them are folkloric, i.e. they have no known author. The first two seem to have existed since times immemorial. They are documented from the late 18th,early 19th century. They were known throughout the country and, having no distinctive dialectal features, one cannot determine where they originated either.

Between 1948 and 1989, one got arrested for singing these or any other similar carol publicly. The very word "Christmas" was banned. Saying it in a larger gathering meant expulsion from school or from any well-paid job. Only the carols making no explicit mention of Christ, Mary or the word Christmas were somehow permitted. But people still treasured them and they were never lost.

The other two carols which Cristian sent were:


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