The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

 Angelus Emittitur

For The Annunciation

Latin hymn believed to be from the 13th Century.

See: Theodoric Petri, ed., Piae Cantiones Ecclesiastic Et Scholasticae Et Scholasticae Vetervm Episcoporum (Gyphisuualdi: Augustinum Ferberum, 1582).

Source: Rev. George R. Woodward, ed., Pi Cantiones. A Collection of Church & School Song. (London: Printed at the Chiswick Press for the Plainsong & Medieval Music Society, 1910) , #1, pp. 1-2. See: Christmas Songs in Woodward's Pi Cantiones (1910).

1.Angelus emittitur,
Ave dulce promitur,
Semen Dei seritur;
Porta cli panditur.
2. Vim natura patitur,
Filius concipitur,
Virgo non corrumpitur;
Porta cli panditur.
3. Grex in nocte pascitur,
Ci lumen funditur,
Laus in altis canitur;
Porta cli panditur.
4. Gaudium prdicitur,
Pax quoque promittitur,
Bonis taren traditur;
Porta cli panditur.
5. Nouum sydus oritur,
Mortis umbra tollitur,
Mundi salus gignitur;
Porta cli panditur.
6. Diligendus proditur,
Nil culpandus moritur,
Non vincendus capitur;
Porta cli panditur.
7. Cruci vita figitur,
Infernus destruitur,
Captiuitas tollitur;
Porta cli panditur.
8. Adam nexu soluitur,
Mors orco deprimitur,
Caput hostis teritur;
Porta cli panditur.
9. Argumentis igitur
In his Christus sistitur,
Morti sic excluditur;
Porta cli panditur.

Also found in Guido Maria Dreves and Clemens Blume, eds., Analecta Hymnica Medii Aevi, Vol. 45b. Cantiones et Motetten des Mittelalters. (Leipzig: O. R. Reisland, 1904), No. 170, p. 136-137. [pdf 352-353]

 Theodoric Petri, ed., Pi Cantiones Ecclesiasticae et Scholasticae Veterum Episcoporum. (Gyphisuualdi: Augustinum Ferberum, 1582)


Sheet Music and Notes from Rev. George R. Woodward, ed., Pi Cantiones. A Collection of Church & School Song,  chiefly Ancient Swedish, originally Published in A. D. 1582 by Theodoric Petri of Nyland. (London: Printed at the Chiswick Press for the Plainsong & Medieval Music Society, 1910), Carol #1, pp. 1-2, Notes 205.

  pc-205.jpg (75039 bytes)

See: The Christmas Songs in Woodward's Pi Cantiones (1910).

Sheet Music from Richard R. Terry, Old Christmas Carols. Part One. (London: Burns, Oates & Washbourne Ltd., n.d., ca. 1923), Carol #35, p. 48. Words and melody from Pi Cantiones, 1582. Four verses, Latin.


Dreves, #170, cites Piae Cantiones fol. A 7 a. (Klemming II, 12 mit der irrigen Bezeichnung Hymnus.).

Editor's Note:

"Klemming II" refers to Gustaf Edvard (G. E.) Klemming, ed., Pi Cantiones-S. Trinitas. Iesus Christus. S. Spiritus. S. Maria. (Holmiae [Stockholm]: P. A. Norstedt & Filii, 1886), pp. 12-13.

Notes by Woodward for Angelus Emittitur.

The Text: of uncertain date and origin. First appearance, so far as is at present known, in PI CANTIONES (1582). Reprinted by Klemming (1886), II, P. 12, and thence copied by Dreves, vol. XLVb, No. 170, P. 136, of his 'Analecta Hymnica.'

The Tune: in the Dorian and Hypo-Dorian modes. Set to the Swedish words, Gudh vthsende Engel sin, it reappears in Rhezelius' 'Nagre Psalme' (1619), p. 35. In 1853, in free imitation of Petri's words, Neale published his Gabriel's message does away. See 'Carols for Christmas-tide,' No. iii, and 'The Cowley Carol Book' (1902), No. 8.


Sources of Latin hymns found in Piae Cantiones:

Copies of many of these works are available at the Internet Archive and Google Books.

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