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Magnum Nomen Domini

See Magnum nomen Domini (Piae Cantiones) and
Resonet In Laudibus, Version 1, with notes and links to translations.

Traditional Latin Hymn, 14th Century
"Codex germ. Monac. 444", 1422

Music: Resonet in Laudibus
MIDI / Noteworthy Composer

Source: Hoffman von Fallersleben, ed., Geschichte Des Deutschen Kirchenliedes (Hannover: Carl Rumpler, 1861), pp. 422-423, Note 11.5

1. Magnum nomen domini
quod adnunciatum est
per Gabriel,
hodie apparuit, apparuit
in Israel.
per Mariam virginem
est natus rex etc.

2. Sunt impleta
quae praedixit Gabriel
eia! eia!
virgo deum genuit
ut divina voluit
clementia etc.

3. Resonet in laudibus
cum iocundis plausibus,
Syon cum fidelibus.
apparuit quem genuit
Maria, etc.

4. Pueri concinite
nato regi psallite,
voce pia dicite!
apparuit quem genuit

5. Natus est Emmanuel,
quem praedixit Gabriel,
testis est Ezechiel
apparuit quem genuit
Maria, etc.

6. Iuda cum cantoribus
trade te de foribus
nuncia pastoribus:
apparuit quem genuit
Maria, etc.

7. Genitori gloria,
laus patri in victoria
perpeti memoria!
apparuit quem genuit
Maria, etc.

8. Et vos unanimiter
praeclamamus dulciter:
ipse pius arbiter
apparuit quem genuit
Maria, etc.

Editor's Note:

Beginning on p. 252, Daniel also gives seven of the eight verses, and like Fallersleben, the first two are Magnum nomen domini, and the last six are Resonet in Laudibus.

The only point of difference is the first two lines of the last verse:


8. Et vos unanimiter
pręclamamus dulciter:
ipse pius arbiter
appararuit quem genuit


8. Et nos unanimiter
proclamemus dulciter;
ipse pius arbiter
apparet, quem genuit

See: Magnum nomen Domini (Pię Cantiones), with notes.

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