The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Sion's Daughter

For the Passiontide

Words: Latin Hymn
Translation by Sir Henry Williams Baker

Music: Cassell
Meter: 77 77 77

Source: W. H. Monk and C. Steggall, eds., Hymns Ancient and Modern, London: William Clowes and Sons, Old Edition, 1889, #100.

1. Sion's Daughter, weep no more,
Though thy troubled heart be sore;
He of Whom the Psalmist sung,
He Who woke the Prophet's tongue,
Christ, the Mediator Blest,
Brings thee everlasting rest.

2. In a garden man became:
Heir of sin, and death, and shame;
Jesus in a garden wins
Life, and pardon for our sins;
Through His hour of agony
Praying in Gethsemane.

3. There for us He intercedes;
There with God the Father pleads;
Willing there for us to drain
To the dregs the cup of pain,
That in everlasting day
He may wipe our tears away.

4. Therefore to His Name be given
Glory both in Earth and Heav'n;
To the Father, and the Son,
And the Spirit, Three in One,
Honour, praise, and glory be
Now and through eternity.


According to the editors, this was hymn #89 in the Original Edition.

There are two hymns for the Advent with a similar title. See: Zion's Daughter - Version 1, a translation from the German Tochter Zion, Freue Dich!

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