The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Abide, I Hope It Be The Best

Words and Music: English Traditional

Source: J. A. Fuller Maitland, English Carols of the Fifteenth Century. London: The Leadenhall Press, E.C., ca. 1891 #9.

Abide, I hope it be the best

1. Abide, I hope it be the best,
Since hasty man wanteth never woe.
    Abide, etc.

2. Let every man that will have rest
Ever be advised what he shall do.
    Abide, etc.

3. Prove ere thou take, think ere thou feast,
In weal beware lest thou have woe.
    Abide, etc.

Sheet Music

Carol in Original Form From a 15th Century Manuscript

Carol in Modern Form

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