The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Babe Of Bethlehem
Some Christmas Carols

Written by the Reverend George R. Woodward, M.A.

And printed by the same at
48 West Hill, Highgate Village

A.D. 1923

Table of Contents

A Galley Will I Build Me

Although at Yule It Bloweth Cool

Babe Jesu, Hear Our Ditty

Child In The Manger

Far & Wide All The Earth

Hail! Eternal Son, To-day

Hob & Colin, Yule Is Come

I Saw A Sweet And Seemly Sight

Jesus Is The Sweetest Name, Set

Jesus Is The Sweetest Name, That

King Herod, Troubled With The Star

O Jesu, Star of Bethlehem

O Saviour, Rent The Heavens In Twain

Open Thy Door, Gentle Hosteler

Our Lady Sat Within Her Bower

Rejoice, Ye Babes Around The Coast

The Holy Innocents To-day

There Camen IIJ Kinges From Lands Afar

Though Chill The Night And Airy

Ye Clouds, Be - Rain Our Thirsty Plain

Explanatory Notes from Rev. Woodward

As in Carols for Yule-tide, the peculiar measures, rhythms, & rimes of some of these Carols are to be accounted for by the Editor’s continued & honest endeavour to preserve the integrity of the ancient melodies to which alone, respectively, they should be sung.

Where not original, the words are either close translations, or else free adaptations of older material, Greek, Latin, &c.

Again, in the process of imposing & printing of the Carols, the Author has been aided by his friend, Mr. A. Oliver.

The Edition consists of but 2OO Copies, whereof this impression is number 100.

Editor's Note:

This is a text-only collection; Rev. Woodward did not provide any music.


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