The Hymns and Carols of Christmas


Ancient English Christmas Carols

Martha Edith Rickert
London: Chatto & Windus, 1914.
Pages 303 - 310

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Illustrations From Rickert
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Phrase English Translation
Adesto nunc propicius Be now propitious
Agnoscat omne seculum Let all the world acknowledge Thee
Alleluia Hallelujah
Alma Redemptoris mater Dear mother of the Redeemer
Alma beata Trinitas Dear blessed Trinity
Amice Christi, Johannes John, Christ's friend
A Patre Unigenitus The only Son of the Father
Armati sunt permentes The armed men are slaying
A solis ortus cardine Arisen from the quarter of the sun
Atque semper virgo And virgin ever
Aurora lucis rutilat The dawn of light reddens
Aurum, tus, myrram offerent They shall offer gold, frankincense and myrrh
Ave Maria Hail, Mary!
Ave maris stella Hail, star of the sea
Benedicamus Domino Let us bless the Lord
Bevvex bien par tutte la company Drink well, all the company
Bona natalicia Happy birthday feast
Bona voluntaria Blessed offering
Caput apri defero I bring the boar's head
Celis tesaurizare To heap up treasures in the heavens
Christe, Redemptor omnium Christ, the Redeemer of all
Christo paremus canticam, excelsis gloria Let us prepare a song to Christ, glory on high
Christus natus est Christ is born
Circumfultus undique Shone upon from all sides
Clar David germine Of the illustrious race of David
Conditor alme siderum O blessed Founder of the stars
Circumfuso sanguine With the shedding of blood
Congaudere mihi To rejoice with me
Consolamini Ye are consoled
Consors Paterni luminis Consort of the light of the Father
Constanter Steadfastly
Contra regis consilia Contrary to the king's counsels
Corpous Christi The Body of Christ
Cum magna injuria With great injury
Cum pudoris lilio With the lily of chastity
Cum sua malicia With their wickedness
Cum sua potencia With his power
Cum venerit judicare When He shall come to judge
Cunctis reparatrix Renewer (fem.) of all things
De fructu ventris Of the fruit of the womb
Dei mater alma Gentle mother of God
Demonis potencia By the power of the devil
Deo gracias Thanks to God
Deo Patri sit gloria Glory be to God the Father
De te, genetrice Of thee, His mother
Deus homo natus est God is born man
De virgine Maria Of the virgin Mary
De virgine purica Of a virgin most pure
Dicam vobis quia I shall tell you wherefore
Dieus wous garde, bewe sieurs God keep you, gentlemen
Digno Tu (Te?) scandente Thou fitly ascending
Dolore With sorrow
Dono cœlestis gratiĉ With the gift of heavenly grace.
Ecce ancilla Domini Lo, the handmaid of the Lord
Ecce sum humilima ancilla Domini I am the most humble handmaid of the Lord
Ego dixi I have said
Eia, Iesus hodie Lo, Jesus today
Eia, martyr Stephane Lo, Stephen the martyr
Enixa est puerpera The woman in childbed is delivered
Et dixit: "Maria ne timeas," And said: "Mary, fear not."
Eterna Lux credencium Eternal Light of believers
Eterne Rex altissime O eternal King on high
Et Princeps gloriae And Prince of glory
Eva peccatrice By sinful Eve
Estortum est He arose (lit. it has arisen)
Exultet celum laudibus Let heaven rejoice with praises
Felix celi porta Blessed gate of heaven
Felix fecundata Blessed in thy fertility
Ferens mortis tedia Bearing the burden of death
Ferventes insania Raging in their madness
Fevore With raging
Fevore gentis impiae By the rage of a wicked race
Fraudenter Deceitfully
Fulget Resurreccio The Resurrection shineth
Gabriele nuncio From Gabriel the messenger
Gaudeamus Let us rejoice
Gentibus in Judĉa Among the tribes of Judea
Gloria in excelsis (Deo) Glory on high (to God)
Gloria Tibi Glory to Thee
Gloria Tibi, Domine Glory to Thee, O Lord
Gracia Divina By Divine grace
Hic erit Altissimi Filius He shall be the Son of the Most High
Hostis Herodes impie O Herod, impious foe
Iam lucis orto sidere Now the star of light having risen
Iam ortus solis cardine Now arisen from the quarter of the sun
Illaque favente By her favour
In celi palacio In the palace of heaven
In die Nativitatis On the day of the Nativity
In die novissima On the last day
In dulci iubilo In a sweet song of joy
In excelsis gloria Glory on high
Infans quem lactasti The Child whom thou hast suckled
Infantis Of the Child.
Infantum festa colentes Keeping the feast of the Children
Innixum Patris destere Set on the right hand of the Father
In praesepio In the manger
In quo Christus natus est On which Christ was born
In quo Salvator natus est On which the Saviour was born
In Regis curia In the king's palace
In reginensi atrio In the royal hall
In sua malicia In their malice
Jesu, Fili Dei Jesus, Son of God
Jesu, Fili virginis Jesus, Son of the virgin
Jesu, Salvator seculi Jesus, Saviour of the world
Jesum semper amare To love Jesus always
Johannes, Christi care John, Christ's beloved
Kireleyson Lord, have pity
Lapidaverunt Stephanum They stoned Stephen
Laudamus Te Dominum We praise Thee as Lord
Laus Tibi Praise to Thee
Laus Tibi sit gloria Praise be to Thee (and) glory
Letare Rejoice
Luto gratulante Delighting in filth
Lux fulgebit The Light shall shine
Malorum Of the wicked
Mane nobiscum, Domine Abide with us, O Lord
Maria, ne timeas Mary, fear not
Marya ventre concepit Mary conceived in her womb
Mater dulcissima baba The sweetest mother kisses (?)
Mater gratiosa Gracious mother
Mater honorata Revered mother
Mater salutaris Healing mother
Matris in geremio In His mother's lap
Michi plausus oscula dada Clapping hands, give me kisses(?)
Mira plenitudine In marvelous abundance
Mirabile misterium Wonderful mystery
Miranda res Wonderful thing
Miserere me (nobis) Have mercy on me (us)
Misterium mirabile Wonderful mystery
Motu fertur proprio He is borne by His own motion
Munera portantes Bringing gifts
Natus est de virgine He was born of a virgin
Nec dare Nor give
Ne memtem sompnus opprimat Let not sleep oppress the mind
Nobis preparavit He has prepared for us
Nomen Maria virginis The name of the virgin (is) Mary
Non ex virili semine Not of man's seed
Non poterit alligare He will not be able to bind
Nova cantica New songs
Nova, nova: Ave fit ex Eva Tidings, tidings: Out of Eva is made Avé
Novus sol de virgine A new sun of a virgin
Nowell Christmas. In Middle English often tidings as if from French nouvelles; but really from Latin natalem=birthday
Nullus memoravit None has told
Nunc gaudet ecclesia Now the church rejoices
Nunc gaudet Maria  Now Mary rejoices
O facies plena gracie O countenance full of grace
O flos de Jesse virgula O Flower of the branch of Jesse
O Jesu parvule O little Jesus
O lux beata Trinitas O blessed light of the Trinity
O martyr invictissime O martyr most unconquered
Omnes de Saba venient All shall come from Sheba
Omnes gentes plaudite All ye nations, rejoice
Omnia fecisti Ye have done all things
Optans celi gaudia Hoping for the joys of heaven
O Puer optime O best of children
Par amour For love's sake
Parens et puella Mother and maiden
Pares forma Equal in form
Pergens ad celestia Attaining to heaven
Per regis imperia Through the king's realms
Poscente Entreating (it)
Potencia demonis By the devil's power
Potente O powerful One
Precantis Praying
Proface Welcome`
Pro peccante homine For sinful man
Prophetaqrum carmine By the word (lit. song) of the prophets
Pro sua superbia For his pride
Protomartyr Stephane O Stephen, first of martyrs
Psallite gaudentes Sing rejoicing
Puer natus A Son is born
Puer natus est nobis (nobis natus est) Unto us a Son is born
Que vocatur Maria Who is called Mary
Quia lapidaverunt Stephanum Because they stoned Stephen
Quia missus est angelus Gabriel Because the angel Gabriel is sent
Quia Salvator mundi natus est Because the Saviour of the world is born
Quia tecum est Dominus Because the Lord is with thee
Quia virum non cognosco Because I know not a man
Qui creavit omnia Who created all things
Quid petis, O Fili? What seekest Thou, O my Son?
Qui estis in convivio Ye who are at the feast
Qui hodie natus es nobis Who is born to us on this day
Qui natus est (es-second person) de virgine Who is born of a virgin
Qui regnat super ethera Who reigns in heaven
Qui triumphavit hodie Who triumphed today
Quod Puer natus est nobis Because a Child is born to us
Quot estis in convivio As many as are at this feast
Reddens laudes Domino Giving thanks to the Lord
Redemptoris mater Mother of the Redeemer
Regem natum venerantes Worshiping the King that is born
Reges de Saba venient Kings shall come from Sheba
Regina celi, letare Queen of Heaven, rejoice
Regnat Dei gracia The grace of God reigns
Reluxit nobis hodie Has shone upon us today
Repente Suddenly
Res miranda Wonderful thing
Rex pacifix The peacemaking King
Rosa sine spina Rose without thorn
Sacra fluenta potare To drink of the sacred fountains
Salvator mundi, Domine Saviour of the world, Lord
Salvator mundi natus est The Saviour of the world is born
Salbatorem mundi Saviour of the world
Salvator sine crimine The Saviour without sin
Salve Hail
Salve regina, mater misericordie Hail, queen, mother of pity
Secreta que non noverat The secrets which she knew not
Secundum verbum Tuum, fiat michi Let it be done to me according to Thy word
Sevire cantico To serve it with song
Servite cum cantico Serve it with song
Sicut voluisti As you have wished
Sine contumelia Without disgrace
Solamen miserorum Comfort of the wretched
Sol de stella Sun of a star
Spes eterne glorie Hope of eternal glory
 Stelle ducti lumine Guided by the light of the star
Sua morte pia By His blessed death
Sua morte propria By his own death
Sua nocte pessima On his worse night
Summi Largitor premii Dispenser of the supreme reward
Summi Patris gracia By the grace of the Father Most High
Tam gnare So wisely
Te confitemur, Te eternum We acknowledge Thee as eternal
Te Deum laudamus We praise Thee as God
Te laudamus, Te Dominum We praise Thee as Lord
Te Reformator sensuum Thee, renewer of the senses
Teste prophecia By the witness of the prophets
Trahe me post Te Draw me after Thee
Transeamus Let us follow
Trinitatis unitas The Oneness of the Trinity
Tutrix orphanorum The guardian (fem.) of orphans
Tuum precor Filium I pray to Thy Son
Ubi sunt gaudia Where joys are
Ullo sine crimine Without any sin
Ut castytatis lyllyum As the lily of chastity
Ut nos purget a crimine That He may cleanse us from sin
Ut nova Lo, news
Ut supra As above
Velut maris stella Like a star of the sea
Veni coronaberis Come, you shall be crowned
Veni, Creator Spiritus Come, Creative Spirit
Veni, Redemptor (omnium) genciuum Come, Redeemer of (all) mankind
Venter puelle baiulat A maiden's womb bears
Ventre quem portasti Whom thou didst bear in thy womb
Ventus de terra orta est A wind has arisen from the earth
Verbo concepit Filium She conceived a Son by the Word
Verbo prophese In the word of prophecy
Verbum caro factum est The Word is made flesh
Verbum Patris hodie processit ex virgine The Word of the Father proceedeth this day from a virgin
Verbum superum prodiens Showing forth the high Word
Vere consolatrix Truly a consoler (fem.)
Vere nuncuparis You shall be called truly
Veritas de terra orta est Truth is arisen of the earth
Victore triumphante Victor triumphing
Virgo gloriosa Glorious virgin
Virgo rosa virginum A maiden, the rose of maidens
Viri sine semine Without seed of man
Volente Willing
Vox clara ecce intonat Lo, a clear voice sounds

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