The Clanging of Joy Bells


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Source: Edgar Pettman, ed., Modern Christmas Carols (London: Weekes & Co., 1892)

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Words: Jessie Chase.

The clanging of joy bells
Awakes the glad morn,
And tells of a Saviour
In Bethlehem born.
The god Who made all things
In love came to earth,
A weak, lowly infant!
Then hail we His birth.

In hearty thanksgiving
Our voices we'll raise,
And sing to His honour
Glad anthems of praise.
But oh! Poor our off'ring,
If praises alone
Are all that we lay at
Emmanuel's Throne!

He left heaven's glory
For earth's toil and pain
He, for our redemption,
An off'ring was slain.
Then can we, then would we
Present to him less
Than, heart, life, and service,
And all we possess!


Miss Chase was the author of at least two Easter hymns: “Eastertide in Wood and Dell,” and “Resurrection Gladness,” according to an article in The American Bookseller, Vol. 25, 1889.

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