The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

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Great Hymns of the Church
By The Late
Right Reverend
John Freeman Young, S. T. D.,
Bishop of Florida

Editor: J. H. Hopkins1

James Pott & Company,
14 Astor Place, New York.

John Freeman Young (1820-1885)
Second Bishop of Florida

Preface - Great Hymns of the Church
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See notes in
Hymns and Music For The Young - Parts One And Two - J. Freeman Young.


27. Creator Of The Starry Height, p. 39

28. O Heavenly Word, Eternal Light, p. 40

29. When Shades Of Night Around Us Close, p. 41

30. Wake! The Welcome Day Appeareth, p. 42

31. Wake! The Startling Watch-Cry Pealeth, p. 44

32. Slumberers, Wake, The Bridegroom Cometh!, p. 46

33. O How Shall I Receive Thee, p. 48

34. That Fearful Day, That Day Of Speechless Dread, p. 50

35. God Comes; - And Who Shall Stand Before His Fear?, p. 51

36. Ye Heavens, Oh Haste Your Dews To Shed, p. 52

37. Eternity! Eternity! - Version 1 (Translation by Rev. J. H. Hopkins), p. 53

38. Eternity! Eternity! - Version 2 (Translation by Frances Elizabeth Cox), p. 54

    Compare: Eternity! Eternity! - Version 3 (Translation by Catherine Winkworth).
        And Christmas Poetry of Catherine Winkworth

39. Day Of Wrath! That Day Of Burning, p. 56

40. Day Of Wrath! O Day Of Mourning, p. 57

41. Day Of Wrath! That Day Of Burning, p. 64

42. Day Of Wrath! That Day Of Burning, p. 66

43. Day Of Wrath! O Day Of Mourning, p. 68

44. The Mighty Gates of Earth Unbar, p. 70

45. Rejoice, All Ye Believers, p. 72

46. Lo! Now A Thrilling Voice Sounds Forth, p. 74

47. Once He Came in Blessing, p. 75

48. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, p. 76

49. Let the Earth Now Praise the Lord, p. 78


50. Silent Night! Holy Night!, p. 81

51. Wonderful Night!, p. 82

52. Thrice Joyful Night, p. 83

53. While Their Flocks the Shepherds Tended, p. 84

54. Gabriel, From The Heaven Descending, p. 84

55. Dost Thou In A Manger Lie, p. 86

56. Unto Us A Child Is Born, p. 88

57. The Child Is Born In Bethlehem, p. 89

58. All My Heart With Joy Is Springing, p. 90

59. A Great and Mighty Wonder, p. 92

60. Come, Thou Redeemer Of The Earth, p. 93

61. O Christ, Redeemer Of Our Race, p. 94

62. The Only Son From Heaven, p. 95

63. All Christians May Rejoice To-day, p. 96

64. From Lands That See The Sun Arise, p. 97

65. From Highest Heaven, On Joyous Wing, p. 98

66. On The Birthday Of The Lord, p. 100

67. Christ Is Born! Tell Forth His Fame!, p. 102

68. Welcome God's And Mary's Son, p. 104

69. Rod Of The Root Of Jesse, p. 106

70. O Come, All Ye Faithful, p. 108

71. Royal Day That Chasest Gloom, p. 110

72. Of The Father's Love Begotten, p. 112

73. In The Ending Of The Year, p. 114

74. O Jesu Christ, All Praise To Thee, p. 116

75. Saint Of God, Elect And Precious, p. 117

The Circumcision, New Year, and Epiphany

76. The Word, With God The Father One, p. 121

77. God With Us, Immanuel!, p. 122

78. Life's Course Must Recommence To-day, p. 123

79. Eternity! Tremendous Word, p. 124

80. What Star Is This, With Beams So Bright, p. 125

81. King, To Jews and Gentiles Given, p. 126

82. Lo, The Pilgrim Magi, p. 127

83. To The Lord Forever Glorious, p. 128

84. Jesus! Guide Our Way, p. 129

85. How Brightly Dawns The Morning Star, p. 130

86. How Lovely Now The Morning Star, p. 132

87. The Saviour Comes! Sing Praise To Him, p. 134

88. Jesu! The Very Thought Is Sweet, p. 136

89. O Love, How Deep, How Broad, How High, p. 137

90. Why Doth That Impius Herod Fear, p. 138

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Christmas tide hymns are found on pp. 2-4
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Index Of Titles
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Index of First Lines
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1. Rev. John H. Hopkins, Jr. (1820-1891). Hopkins was also the author of We Three Kings Of Orient Are.  His father, Bishop John Henry Hopkins (first Episcopal Bishop of Vermont, 1792-1868), presided over the consecration of Bishop John Freeman Young, July 25, 1867. Return

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