The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Christmas Time Has Come Again

Words: Anonymous

Source: J. F. Kinsey and John McPherson, eds., Echoes Of Glory For The Sunday School. LaFayette, Indiana: The Echo Music Company, 1888.

Christmas time has come again;
    What a joy for girls and boys,
With its snow-balling and fun,
    With its sleighing and its noise;
Santa Claus' bag is full
    Of the sweeties, lovliest things;
Dolls like babies, beautiful,
    Ball and drums, and glittering rings.

Haste and get the little stockings,
    Santa Claus you know don't stay;
Always he flies up the chimney
    Ere its light on Christmas day,
And at night sweet little eyes
    Shut as tight as tight can be,
Santa Claus don't like us looking
    Leaves us nothing if we see.

Oh, the candies; Oh, the apples!
    Peeping from the stocking top;
Nuts and raisins here in plenty,
    Gorgeous looking lumps of rock,
Oh, the dolls with golden tresses,
    And, the glorious big drum;
Let us fill the air with shouting,
    Dear old Christmas time has come.

Every face is wreathed with gladness,
    Oh, it is a sight to see
Such a set of lovely fairies
    Dancing round the Christmas tree;
Santa Claus will leave some treasurer
    For his darlings, every one;
Is not this a scene of pleasure
    Since old Christmas time has come?

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