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The King Shall Enjoy His Own Again

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Source: Davies Gilbert, Some Ancient Christmas Carols. London: John Nichols And Son, Second Edition, 1823, p. 78.

The words adapted to the favourite air of the unsuccessful Party in our last great contest, appear to have varied with times, places, and circumstances; and in general to have possessed no other distinguishing quality than abuse of their adversaries. Each verse1, however, concluded with some modification of the following lines:

    Then let us rejoice,
    With heart and voice,
There doth one Stuart still remain;
    And all sing the tune,
    On the tenth day of June,
That the King shall enjoy his own again.

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Note from Mr. Gilbert:

1. The following is a specimen from one of the least offensive verses:

    Whitehall was once
    A pretty place
To entertain the Royal Race,
    And Stuarts there,
    In princely state
Did make the same their Royal Seat;
    Where gold did shine,
    And silver bright,
Delightful to their Royal sight;
    And the like will not be
    Till the time we do see
That the King shall enjoy his own again.

Another verse ends with these words:

    And we never shall be free
    Till the time we do see
That the King shall enjoy his own again.


Editor's Note:

While this tune is widely available in commercial tune books (especially for the harp players and for pipers), I was unable to locate any other lyrics for this song.

Mr. Gilbert's note concerning "abuse of their adversaries" reminds me of an on-line article that I read recently concerning the chants of football fans during the recent World Cup matches. As an American, and a recent fan of football (or, as we call it here, soccer), I was a bit startled.

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