The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

List of Illustrations

Source: A. H. Bullen, A Christmas Garland (London: John C. Nimmo, 1885)


All illustrations newly designed
by Henry G. Wells.

"With a good old fashion, when Christmas was come,
To call in all his old neighbors with bagpipe and drum."

"Dread ye nought, said the Angel bright,
Salvator mundi natus est."
Page 10

"The Inns are full, no man will yeild
This little pilgrim bed;
But force he is with silly beasts
In crib to shroud his head."
Page 111

"Some youths will now a mumming go."
Page 153

"Come, bring with a noise,
My merry, merry boys,
The Christmas log to the firing."
Page 154

"With footsteps sore
From door to door
We trudge through sleet and snow."
Page 180

"Then the grim boar's head frowned on high."
Page 232

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