The Hymns and Carols of Christmas


Sussex Songs
(Popular Songs of Sussex)

John Broadwood, Lucy E. Broadwood;
Arrangements by H. F. Birch Reynardson

London: Stanley Lucas, Weber & Co., 1890.

This Collection of Popular Songs of Sussex was begun by the Rev. John Broadwood, of Lyne, Horsharn, about fifty years ago, at which time many of the songs were remembered only by a few of the oldest singers in his neighbourhood. Of late years it has been considerably added to by his niece, Miss L. E. [Lucy Ethelred] Broadwood.

The songs, both words and music, were faithfully written down exactly as they were sung by country people in the Weald of Sussex.

Although most of the songs seem to be peculiar to Sussex and its borders, there are several, as may be supposed, of which versions, differing more or less from those given here, are sung in other counties. It is possible that some of the tunes or words may be recognised by readers, perhaps as old acquaintances under a new form. Should this be the case, any information on the subject will be very gladly received by the arranger of the music.

Sixteen of the songs collected by Mr. Broadwood were harmonised for him by Mr. G. A. Dusart, of Worthing, and were printed in 1843: all these have been harmonised afresh for the present publication, without reference to Mr. Dusartís arrangement.

It has been thought advisable to print the tunes of the songs on a separate stave, but in every case the tune is also given in the piano part, which may, therefore, either be played alone, as a piano arrangement of the song, or be used as an accompaniment to the voice.


[Herbert Frederick Birch Reynardson]

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