The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Introduction To A Combined Volume

Henry Ramsden Bramley and John Stainer, Christmas Carols, New and Old (London: Novello, Ewer & Co.), 1871

This volume contains the contents of the First and Second Series, a copy of which may be found at the Christian Classic Ethereal Library (CCEL).

The following collection of Christmas Carols, new and old, has been formed with the purpose of providing a single source from which those who are so disposed may make draw songs suitable in sentiment and style for the sacred and joyous season of our Lord's Nativity.

The Editors and their friends have used every effort to obtain traditional Carol Tunes and Words which have escaped the researches of previous collectors. Some pieces of this character are, as they believe, here presented to the public.

With them are joined a selection of the best and most popular Melodies already published, together with a number of Original Compositions by eminent Musicians, whose names, with those of the Authors, appear in the Index.

The Editors hope that this collection of Carols of various kinds may promote and elevate, amongst different classes of persons, the time-honoured and delightful custom of welcoming with strains of harmony the Birthday of the Holy Child.

Editor's Note: The date of 1871 for publication of the First Series was a misreading. Percy Dearmer mentioned that a publication occurred in 1871. However, he was describing a combined publication of the First and Second Series. People have assumed that this represented the date of publication of both Series. However, it is clear from the Prefaces to the two Series that the First Series was published some time prior to the Second Series. It has been determined from other sources that the First Series was published in 1867, the Second Series in 1871, and the Third Series in 1878.

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