The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Georg Weissel

Georg Weissel was born at Domnau near Königsberg, East Prussia, in 1590. He was the son of Johann Weissel, a judge and mayor of the town. He studied at the University of Königsberg, and then for short periods at Wittenberg, Leipzig, Jena, Strassburg, Bassel, an Marburg. In 1614, he was the rector of the school at Friedland near Domnau, but resigned after three years to return to the University of Königsberg to resume his theological studies. In 1623, he became the pastor of the newly built Altrossgart Church in Königsberg where he remained until his death on August 1, 1635.

Weissel had a phenomenal poetic talent and also had the gift to be able to inspire others. He wrote about twenty hymns. Most of them were for the greater festivals of the church year. His earliest hymn, "Seek Where Ye May Find a Way," was written for the consecration of the Altrossgart Church on the Third Sunday in Advent, 1623.

Source: The Hymnuts



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