The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

US Presidents and Christmas Quiz

Who was President of the United States (and what year was it) when:

1. Christmas was finally declared a Federal legal holiday?

2. Charles Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol" was first published in England?

3. The U.S. Post Office Department issued its first Christmas stamp?

4. The Communist government of Cuba restored the public celebration of Christmas following a visit to that country by the Pope?

5. A former President died on "the feast of Stephen"?

6. The famous "Christmas Truce" between warring British and German troops took place?

7. The Bing Crosby film "Holiday Inn" (which introduced the classic song "White Christmas") was released?

8. U.S. troops invaded Panama 5 days before Christmas?

9. "Silent Night" was composed in Austria?

10. The Apollo 8 spacecraft flew to the Moon during Christmas?

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Note: I do not know the author of this quiz.  It was posted to the Christmas International Group at

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