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Collections of Christmas Carols & Poetry
Compiled and Edited by
Douglas D. Anderson

Web pages of Christmas Poetry

Poems of Christmas by Katherine Lee Bates

Christmas-tide Poetry of Emily Elizabeth Steele Elliott

Father Andrew's Carols And Christmas Rhymes

Christmas-tide Poetry of John Keble

Christmastide Poems of Christina Rossetti

Christmas Poetry of Catherine Winkworth

The Christmas-tide Carols of Shirley Erena Murray


Printed Collections

Many of the most beautiful hymns were first beautiful poems. Here is some Christmas-tide poetry from six outstanding Christian poets; both paperback and hard cover books are available "print on demand" at Douglas Anderson's Storefront.

All My Heart This Night Rejoices: The Christmas Poems of Catherine Winkworth

What Sudden Blaze of Song: The Christmas Poems of John Keble

A Holy Heavenly Chime: The Christmas Poems of Christina Rosetti

Now, Now, The Mirth Comes: The Christmas Poems of Robert Herrick

Father and Daughter: The Christmas Poems of Frances and William Havergal

How Still The Night: The Christmas Poems of Father Andrew

Victorian Visions
A Christmas Poetry Collection

Divinely Inspired
A Christmas Poetry Collection

The Bridegroom Cometh
Poetry For The Advent

Christmas Books by Doug Anderson

Once A Lovely Shining Star

A Christmas Poetry Collection

So Gracious Is The Time

A Christmas Poetry Collection

How Still The Night

The Christmas Poems of Father Andrew, S.D.C.

 Father and Daughter

Christmas Poems by Frances and William Havergal

Now, Now The Mirth Comes

Christmas Poetry by Robert Herrick

What Sudden Blaze Of Song

The Christmas Poems of Rev. John Keble

 A Holy Heavenly Chime

The Christmastide Poems of Christina Georgina Rossetti

All My Heart This Night Rejoices

The Christmas Poems of Catherine Winkworth

A Victorian Carol Book

Favorites from the 19th Century —
Still favorites today!

Other Books by Doug Anderson

A Psalter – A Book of the Psalms Arranged by Luther's Categories

Betbüchlein: A Personal Prayer Book, a recreation of Luther's 1529 prayer book

Daily Prayer

Luther's Passional

Luther's Writings on Prayer: A Selection

Devotions for the Advent – 2009
A new edition for 2010 is being prepared.

The Lenten Sermons of Martin Luther, Second Edition

Descriptions of all these volumes can be seen at
Books by Doug Anderson

The Hymns and Carols of Christmas
Douglas D. Anderson

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