Thanks and a tip of the antlers to the following individuals who have contributed to the development of this site by suggesting carols, loaning books, asking great questions, or providing other valuable information.

Jerry and Dorothy Paulson

Jeff and Tamae Memole

John Anderson

Denise Morris

Kathy Gagne

Jennifer Hansen

Robert Lee


Kathy Rogenes

Finn Nielsen (Denmark)


Jordi Fernández (Catalonia)

John Uhrig

Jonathan Marshall

A. Sharp

Jeffrey Eernisse

Renata Wyse (Germany)

Clayton Harryman

Jean (Guy) Weerasinghe

Pamela Lane

Cristian Mocanu

Cecil Rigby

Valarie Morris

Tim Nosfeldt

Janet Graffius, Curator, Stonyhurst College, England

George Fullerton

Gay Gonnerman

Michael Johnson (Canada)

Alan E. Mack


S.J. Wolfe

E. Hale

Wayne Martin

Paul Hodges


Meredy Amyx

Pastor Peter B. Prange

Dr. Elizabeth Scala

Mike Johnson, General Manager of Patricia Tourist Office in Riga, Latvia; FirstChristmasTree

Wheat Williams

John Leake


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